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Welcome to our Year 1 class page. Please find below an online copy of our topic letter and plans for the year so far. Scroll down to see photographs and find out what we have been up to.

Autumn Term Topic Letter Year 1.docx


Spring Term Topic Letter 2016 17.docx


Summer Term Topic Letter Year 1.docx



Enrichment Week

This week we are doing lots of Art, PSHE and English activities. Today we drew and painted our self-portraits. We had a go at mixing primary colours and adding white and black to create different shades. 



Easter Posters

This week the children have been using Purple Mash to write about Easter. Check out our Display Board below to look at what we have been writing. 


 Visit from Tesco - 15th March, 2017

During our science lesson today, a guest speaker from Tesco visited Year 1 to deliver a 'Farm to Fork' workshop, as part of our topic on plants. The children enjoyed looking at and tasting various fruits and vegetables and we all had lots of questions and discussion about where and how each plant grows and also about the parts of the plants that we were eating. We had lots of fun!

World Book Day - 2nd March 2017

To celebrate World Book Day, we all came to school dressed in our pajamas and snuggled up with a book. Some of the Year 6 children came to our class to share stories with us. We had lots of fun!

Northern Ireland - 8th February, 2017

As part of our Geography topic, we have been looking at the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. Today we looked at Northern Ireland and we learnt all about Saint Patrick and how Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated in Ireland. We made our own Irish hats to help us to remember. 


Making bread - 1st February, 2017

During our English lessons this week, we have been learning all about the story of the Little Red Hen and today, we received a letter from her! She had written to us to ask us for our help. She has an event this weekend and needed us to help her to bake some bread for this, as all of the animals on the farm have refused to help her! We followed the recipe that she gave us and we made our own bread rolls.

More fun with food - 27th January, 2017

The children designed their own fruit kebabs last week and today they were able to make them and then eat them! We talked about using knives safely and hygienically and practiced chopping, cutting and peeling the fruit and then placing it onto the skewer. 


Fun with Food - 20th January, 2017 

Today we have had lots of fun with food! In English we gave our partners instructions for how to make jam sandwiches (and then we got to eat them!) In Design and Technology we tasted lots of different fruit and had a go at describing them. Next week we are going to design our own fruit kebab using all this yummy fruit we have tasted today.


Happy New Year - 4th January, 2017

Happy New Year everyone! All the children are back at school and ready to start our new topic The Great Outdoors from next week. Please click on our Spring Term Topic Letter at the bottom of the page to find out more about this topic. We will be adding some more photographs and information in the next few weeks so please come back and find out what we have been up to.


Year 1 Trip to Acorn Farm - 9th November, 2016

On the 9th of November Year 1 took a trip to Acorn Venture Urban Farm in Kirkby. A lady called Alison showed us around and told us lots about the animals on the farm. We got to feed the hens, goats and cows. We got to stroke a chick, rabbit and guinea pig and we saw some pigs and even some meerkats! We had a great time and learnt lots about farm animals. 




First half term - 28th October, 2017

What a fantastic first half-term we have had in Year 1. The children are all making great progress and have fully settled in. In Maths we have covered number and place value, 2D shapes, measure and counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. In English we have written our own Lost and Found stories (based on the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers) and written information reports about penguins. We have been learning all about animals in Science and we have been round the world in Geography finding out about the 7 continents.

Here are some photos of what we have been up to:


September in Year 1 

I can't believe the children have been in Year 1 a month already. They are all working so hard and challenging themselves every day. Here are some photos of what we have got up to in September. 




Welcome to Year 1 - 16th September, 2016

The children have had a great first week and have all settled in really well. So far we have been practising our numbers to 20, we have written some super sentences in English and have also started work on our Science and Geography topic.

Please find an electronic copy of the topic letter below which was sent out last Friday and also a overview of the learning objectives for each subject for this Autumn term.

Keep checking back for photos and to find out more about what we have been up to in Year 1.



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