Banks St Stephens C of E Primary School



Welcome to Pre-School

Our beautiful pre-school classroom is centred around the natural world with calming, neutral decor, natural resources and exciting areas to explore. The children gain wonderful learning experiences based around their natural environment both indoors and out. 


We hope you will enjoy these photographs which show the super experiences and opportunities for learning that are going on daily in our amazing Pre-school. The children have settled in brilliantly and continually impress Mrs Bamber and Miss Hodgson with their unlimited abilities.


 Everyday we have a 'dough gym session'. Dough gym helps our fine motor skills by strengthening our

   muscles in our fingers, arms and shoulders. We play our dough gym song, and move in time rolling, pinching,

  pushing and pulling the dough. It really is great fun!


     Look at these sandcastles, we counted them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Our learning continues in our outdoor garden. Making sandcastles became the perfect opportunity to use our counting knowledge beginning with pointing to each object as we count.     


  Number time is a carpet activity that we share together too. We sing number songs and are learning to recognise numbers1,2,3,4 and 5. The children are given opportunities to take part individually as well as within the whole group through counting and writing activities which differ each day.


 Mrs Bamber has made a super small world area based on the Gruffalo story using lots of natural outdoor greenery. We have had super fun playing in this area with the gruffalo, the mouse, the fox, snake and owl and all the other forest creatures that can be found in the 'deep, dark wood'.




Our snacks at pre school are always healthy, and run throughout the day. Children are encouraged to help themselves when they feel hungry or thirsty.



 The children have been fascinated, with dinosaurs this week. We have been investigating what they eat, where they live and what they look like. Take a look at the amazing activities the children have been involved in :



We found some frozen dinosaur eggs with baby dinosaurs inside. The children felt the ice talking about how it felt and then we tried to break the ice to free the baby dinosaurs. Eventually throughout the day we watched the ice melt to free the baby dinosaurs.




Mrs Bamber made a T-Rex game where we had to throw bean bags into the dinosaurs mouth. This was a great way of moving and handling.


We tried to recognise the number on the dinosaurs back and then counted the pegs as we matched the amount of pegs to the dinosaur.




The children loved playing with the dinosaurs in our small world area, using their imaginations we had dinosaurs falling off cliffs and making friends with other dinosaurs. We even lined them all up and tried to count them.





We decided to make a volcano in our classroom. The children helped to create the volcano using mud and clay, and to design the landscape that the dinosaurs lived in. We used plants, leaves, ferns and pine cones to dress the volcanic site. Our volcanos eruption was great and the children watched in awe as the 'lava' spewed out of the top of the volcano.






We mixed colours in the paint as we printed using the dinosaurs feet.

We drew and coloured in dinosaurs, some of us even matched them to our small world dinosaurs to make sure we chose the correct colours to use.


Mrs Bamber helped us to learn dinosaur facts and we used our classrooms whiteboard to watch slideshows about the different types of dinosaurs. This even lead to the children making dinosaur shadows on the board after the slideshow was over.



We showed Mrs Bamber just how much we had learnt when we sat and helped her to write down all the facts that we could remember for our floorbook.

This walk in the woods,  inspired our next and current topic which is Autumn.



Our school is lucky to have its very own wooded area in the school grounds. We walked to the wooded area taking pots with us to collect evidence of autumn. We found leaves which had turned red, yellow, orange and brown, lots of conkers which were in and out of their spiky shells and acorns, which we have seen squirrels carrying around as they prepare for the winter. 


Mrs Bamber made a great autumnal quiet area. Inside it is really cosy as it is lit with lots of imitation candles and Led lights. We also have torches inside which help us to read books and investigate this area.


Look at our black pumpkins!!   They make a super chalk board.


The Children have been as creative as ever, look at this great conker shell made out of playdough. It was cracked open to reveal the conker inside.

We made handprints using paint to make autumn leaves to hang around  the indoor and outdoor environment at preschool.



Outdoors we printed with leaves and our hands in the school garden, we had to use the water to clean the bottom of our shoes.


 We made autumn soup using some of the things we found on our walk in the woods.

 It was great fun making pumpkin people.


Using pipettes, filter paper and food colouring, we developed some super  colours that we have cut out into leaves to use on one of our classroom displays. They look great !


In the garden we had fun squeezing bottles with different coloured paints in,  to create a lovely autumn scene.


We matched numbers from 1 - 10 on pumpkins.



After reading the 'Leaf Man' book written by Lois Ehlert, we decided to make our own leaf people. As you can see they are simply super.




Using sticks we went on a listening walk to find the sound that we liked the best. We tapped on metal bars, wood, chairs and ornaments on our sound discovery walk



 After reading 'Stick Man' by Julia Donaldson, and after the success of our leaf people, we were inspired to make our own stick creations. The children had great fun making dinosaurs, people and even a cat !


 Pumpkins are great.  We have had lots of opportunities to use them in our imaginary and sensory play.



 We have also learnt about hibernation, and talked about which animals hibernate, where they hibernate and why they hibernate. Did you know that snails can apparently hibernate for years?



 Today we have made hedgehogs in preschool. Some were made using leaves as spikes, and some were made using sticks as spikes.





It was great fun acting out and joining in with the story of the 5 little pumpkins.


Today Wednesday 26th October our hedgehogs have gone into hibernation. The children helped them to build a comfy bed to sleep in over the winter.








November nursery fun ! 



We made fireworks, patterns and wrote our names in glitter and coloured sand.


 In our classroom we have been playing with a campfire and a tepee. The children have cooked food on the fire, sat and read stories and enjoyed role playing in this area. Children have sat and rubbed sticks together as one of them informed us  "this is how you make a fire"- Lilliana.

 The children enjoyed making fireworks with our black playdough, glitter buttons, beads and coloured matchsticks. Look at these super creations!!



 Today we had a chat around our campfire about fire safety as we are going to have our very own bonfire in our school woods with Miss Squibbs reception class.

After our talk we joined Miss Squibbs class in our school woods to sit around the fire. We even got to eat marshmallows and were allowed to toast our own with the help of a teacher if we wanted to.


We also learnt about Guy Fawkes. We dressed up and pretended to be the King, Guy Fawkes, the government and the police. 



We made some great firework patterns in foam using powder paint to colour.

Every opportunity is given to mark make in our pre-school and some children are beginning to form recognisable letters when they write.


Mrs Wilson came into our class to help today (10/11/16) and we made some super bonfire pictures using twigs and hand painting the flames in red, orange and yellow.

Today in pre- school we have been making poppies and learning about why we wear poppies. We watched a short BBC children's clip on our white board about poppy day. The children, like the rest of our children in school observed a silence at 11 am.







This week we have been learning about Diwali in nursery. We have looked at the story of Princess Sita, Prince Rama, Hannuman the monkey and the demon,

"he has 10 heads and 20 arms" Thomas recalled.

We watched the story acted out by puppets on our whiteboard and gave the children opportunities to role play the story themselves by providing masks, sari's and a magic circle.



We made our own masks of Sita, Rama, Hannuman, the demon and the golden deer.


When our parent helper Mrs Buxton came into class to help we made a huge Rangoli pattern. The Children very carefully sprinkled rice (coloured with powder paint to make super vibrant colours) into areas of the beautiful flower picture.




After we had finished our pattern, we very carefully lit candles around our Rangoli flower and talked about what we could remember about Diwali. Mrs Bamber and Miss McQuirk were very impressed by what we could recall.


 We drew Rangoli pictures around our door just like Hindu people who celebrate Diwali.


Some children created individual rangoli pattern pictures using lentils, dried peas, glitter and rice. They are really great.


The children made their own diwas. They moulded clay to make the holder, painted it using sparkly paints and sequins and put in their own tealights.


 Today 18th November it was children in need day and we all came to school in our pyjamas.

Don't we look great !!!

Look at this super children in need hairstyle.!!!


Whilst wearing our pyjamas we made Diwali sweets with Rodi's mum Mrs Dravina.

They are delicious !!





Frozen / Winter Wonderland.


Following our children's interests and ideas, the last couple of weeks we have been focusing on Frozen and winter wonderland activities and areas.


Our Frozen castle!!!


Mrs Bamber bought  lights that we submerged in our water tray. We also put in penguins and polar bears . It was a wonderful learning experience for the children and the children showed us their wonderful language skills with Elijah using words such as "floating lights" and "floatable lights".


Winter even came to fairyland.


The children have enjoyed playing Frozen dominos. This has helped the children with turn taking and the development of their listening and attention skills.


We wrote numbers in our Frozen themed sand. Look at those super numbers.


Some new classmates have joined us.


As you can see our Frozen castle has been a huge success. Alongside the Frozen characters we have placed a selection of Knights which the children have equally enjoyed playing with.


Our play dough area has also had a winter makeover. Snowflake cutters of differing sizes have been added, not forgetting the all important GLITTER!!!

We built icebergs.



Made some super baubles to display on our handprint Christmas tree in the EYFS corridor.









 We wrote and posted Christmas cards to our friends.



Designed our own snowmen.



The children, Mrs Bamber and Miss McQuirk have had lots of fun singing and dancing to our favourite Frozen songs.


The children have been exploring our garden looking for ice and signs of frost every morning. This little girl brought  in a leaf that she had found on her way to school. Thankfully it hadn't thawed out by the time she arrived.


The children have been making stars for their nativity costumes. They are going to look so cute wearing these on their costumes in our EYFS nativity- ' Nursery Rhyme Nativity'


These Christmas tree's were so simple to make, but look great .


We are thrilled with these tree's too.


Mrs Bamber used Christmas decorations to help develop language skills and our senses. We focused in particular on touch and smell.


We made Christmas cake. The children added their own flour, cherries, sultanas,  mixed fruit, brown sugar and cinnamon to mix and stir creating culinary master pieces.


It was a joy to hear the conversations that went on during this bake off, and  we were able to make many observations whilst these exchanges were taking place in the area of speaking and listening.


Some of the children also decided to write down the ingredients they had used, just so they would remember next time.


In our classroom we are lucky enough to have an advent calendar. We talked about the fairest way for this to work with the children. We explained that if we all wrote down our names and placed them in a bag, eventually we would all have a chance to get a turn. The picture above shows us writing our names down.




 We then placed them in a bag and waited in anticipation as Miss McQuirk drew out the first person. What is even more exciting is that we know we will all have a turn and that on Monday we will be able to open three little bags!!



 The children have been developing their fine motor skills by putting the Christmas decorations onto this branch


The children told us what they did to celebrate Christmas. We talked about presents, Christmas trees, Christmas cards, stockings and lights. We are starting to feel a little excited.


The nativity has come to our classroom. We have introduced lots of props for the children to role play The Christmas Nativity Story. As you can see from the pictures below the children are loving the chance to act out, and take on different roles in this area.



 We have introduced fake snow which the children are simply loving the texture of.


Our pouring skills are developing,  and we are learning how to use two hands in co-ordination when using tools and equipment.



           Have you been good ?           Or bad ?


The children seem to know all about Santa's naughty and nice list !!!


Santa himself keeps popping in. Ho Ho Ho !!!

Today (9-12-16) we have been rolling and using our Christmas cutters on this mixture of icing sugar and mallow fluff, adding our spices as we rolled and manipulated the mixture.


 This was messy but really fun. Lilliana said " We are making fog and smoke" as she banged the icing sugar creating a cloud of icing sugar dust


We love having our parents in to help. Rodi's mum is helping the boys to match numbers and count the dots on the toadstools.


Christmas Party!!



 We made snowman biscuits!



It was fun playing pass the parcel.


We were having a great time dancing, when we suddenly heard some bells ringing and oh my goodness SANTA WAS OUTSIDE. We opened the door and invited him in to join our party.


Santa came into our school hall and sat down for a rest. Mrs Kenny had actually asked Santa to call in if he could, because we are all so good.


We all sat next to Santa and had a chat. He said that because we were all on the good list, he had brought us an early Christmas present. We were very excited.



Before Santa left, we gave him a huge hug to say thank you for coming to our party.


Santa then left and told us to make sure we go to bed early on Christmas Eve, because he can only visit us again when we are asleep.


Then it was party food time. It was lovely.


We pulled crackers, some of the children had never pulled a cracker before and simply did not know what to do or expect.



It was great playing pin the antlers on the reindeer and put the hat on the snowman. We really enjoyed being turned around lots of times.


Our last game was musical chairs. We were very good at this game.




Then it was home time. We took a super cupcake home which Thomas's Grandma had baked and Thomas had decorated with Christmas pictures. We had a super party day.



Happy New Year 2017.

 The children came back to school in January full of Christmas stories and ready to learn once more. We had another intake of children with a total of six new starters who have all settled amazingly well. Our topic for this month is People who help us. We began by looking at people who help us in our school.

 People who help us.

We visited our school office where Mrs Ousey and Mrs Hutchinson work. They told us about the jobs they did in school. We take our registers to the office everyday so we know both of these ladies already. We saw them working on the computers, and they told us that they check who is having a school dinner everyday. We also learnt that these ladies answer our school telephone, and call our families if we are ill. 


 We have also paid a visit to the ladies who work in our school canteen. The ladies showed us lots of exciting things in the kitchen. They had a great big oven, a fridge and a freezer called Fred. We saw and smelt some of the delicious food that they were making for lunch that day.


We also paid a visit to our schools Head Teacher Mrs Kenny. We asked Mrs Kenny what her favourite and least favourite jobs were. One of Mrs Kenny's favourite jobs was talking to the children in our school. Mrs Kenny also told us how many children there were in our school and showed us her special school teddy bear which is kept in Mrs Kenny's office.

Mrs Kenny also gave us each a special sticker as we had been so polite and well mannered.

We also went to meet Mr Dodd our school caretaker.

 Mr Dodd told the children all about the jobs he did around school. He showed us his special keys and we looked into his store room where all of his equipment is kept. We saw the soap we use for cleaning our hands and Henry the hoover. Kate thought that "Mr Dodd fixes the roof and locks the doors".

We learnt and thought a lot about the people in our school who help us.


Following the children's interests Mrs Bamber then built this small world role play area for the children.

Playing hospitals has been a game observed by the adults in class many times. Many of our children and their families have welcomed or have experienced the joy of new babies and this is often seen and played out in role play by the children. Obviously when they came into class and saw this area set up they were very, very keen to explore our classroom hospital.





Least to say we've been prodded, bandaged and have faced injection after injection. We have been medicated by the youngest Doctors and nurses ever,  Oh and the things that we have been diagnosed with....

 Whilst we talked about the jobs of nurses, Doctors and hospitals, the children expressed an interest in ambulances. A group of children wanted to make an ambulance for our classroom so we decided to plan our build and talk about what we would need. They came up with a list of cardboard, paint and tape and so our build began.













Our finished ambulance.


Lilly- Rose even spotted that Amelia and ambulance both began with the same letters.

We made these super representations of x-rays using gloves, snow spray, glue and cotton buds. The children had a picture to copy and we put examples of hand x-ray pictures from Google images on our big classroom white board.


Continuing our topic on People who help us, a walk was planned into our local village and visits to St Stephens Church, and to The  Village Pantry were arranged. We walked with the help of many of the children's parents and other support staff in school.(Thank you).


At the church Mr Yardley the church warden met us. He invited us into the church and showed us around this very beautiful building.


We climbed up the steps into the pulpit.

Mr Yardley let us try some of the communion wafers which tasted just like bread.

 Mr Yardley showed us and told us all about candle snuffers.


We even got to ring the big church bell.


We saw the huge clock on the front of the church and the lovely stain glass windows, and inside we saw the church organ and sat in the choir stalls. Thank you Mr Yardley for our super visit.


After we had been to the church we visited The Village Pantry. One of our children's parents own The Village Pantry, and we were treated to Juice and biscuits, the adults had a lovely hot drink too.

Just look at some of the delicious things they sell !!!!



We sat at the tables and remembered to say 'please' and 'thank you'. The children all behaved very well and Mrs Bamber and Miss McQuirk were very proud of them.

Whilst we were in the shop, a delivery man arrived, delivering ingredients  for the chef to prepare some more delicious food.

Since our walk we have built our own church.


We have opened our own school village pantry.


We also made our own delicious sandwiches. Choosing our own fillings and buttering and cutting our own bread. As you can see we have been very busy.



Happy Chinese New Year !


Happy Chinese New Year of the Rooster 2017 !




The children have been learning about the Chinese New Year story in which the animals raced against each other to try and have one of the twelve years named after them. We watched a short children's puppet clip on our classroom whiteboard, about the story. Mrs Bamber provided the children with this super role play area about the Chinese new year story with the animals, the water  and the Emperors house. The children have retold the story many times in their play.


 We have been learning to write numbers in our class and Mrs Bamber made some cards for us to copy with both an Engish and a Chinese number on. We noticed that many Chinese numbers are made using straight lines. We had a go copying them in the sand.


 Charlie remembered that "red and gold" are the Chinese new year colours as they are thought to bring good luck.


We also learnt that special red envelopes with money inside where given to children for luck. In our class we had red envelopes with a number on , and our job has been to recognise the number and count the correct amount of coins.









We had a go at copying some Chinese new year words. Later we made these into beautiful Chinese lanterns which we hung around our classroom.


In the playdough area we made dragons using playdough and lots of red and gold craft materials


 Another activity was to make a big dragon for our classroom. This was great fun as we used many different materials and colours to make our Chinese Dragon look amazing.


We learnt about the dancing lions, which are really just people dressed up. We watched them leap, jump and move around bouncing up and down.  We had a go ourselves it was very tiring!

We also tried some Chinese food. We had already seen some chop sticks that Mrs Bamber had brought in, and had recognised them from the film 'Kung Fu Panda'. We had a go eating with them, but preferred forks and spoons. The children smelt the Chinese spices and had a taste if they wanted to, of the various Chinese food items that Mrs Bamber brought in. Some of the children really enjoyed the food, whilst others were not too keen.


The children made Good Luck banners for their families.


We  also made Chinese dragon fans. This picture shows most of our wonderful Chinese New Year decorations.


The children really enjoyed making these dragons. They independently coloured the dragon face and then made its body with hand paints. It was really messy but really fun!


We made our own meals using Chinese ingredients such as noodles, beansprouts, carrots, shredded cabbage and spices. The children wrote and drew the ingredients that they had used.


THE LITTLE RED HEN.- February 2017.

We have been focusing in class on the story of The Little Red Hen.



Many of us had previously heard the story of The Little Red Hen and were thrilled that it was going to be our classes focus book.


Mrs Bamber made this super small world area based on The Little Red Hen.


We had been busy playing in our small world area and making our own Little Red Hens

when Mrs Bamber called us over to the carpet area with some exciting news. Mrs Hutchinson had brought us a letter from The Little Red Hen.

The Little Red Hen had written to us to ask if we would help her to make some bread. Some of us chose to help the Little Red Hen because we knew that was kind to help others. Mrs Bamber made a list in the classroom for us to write our own names on. We had to choose the Yes list, or the No list

Our first job was to plant some corn. We filled our own plant pots and planted corn seeds.


 We also had lots of corn seeds to play with. Filling, scooping and pouring into different jugs.

When we had planted our corn we made our own bread in our classroom. We weighed out the ingredients and mixed it all together.


We all had a go at kneading the bread. We were very good at this !



Then it was left to rise. We smelt and talked about the yeast and how it would make the bread mixture grow and get bigger when it was left on our radiator.



While the bread cooked in the bread maker we pretended to make our own bread using some of the same ingredients.

Someone even created a simple representation of a spider!

In the afternoon our bread was ready. We sat on the carpet and ate our delicious bread. It was YUMMY!

 Tuesday the 28th of February was Pancake Day and we enjoyed making and eating pancakes at Pre-School.

Mrs Bamber had brought in a huge choice of toppings for our pancakes and we chose our favourites.

Mrs Bamber drew some pancakes for us, so that we could have a go at tossing our own pancakes.

We also had pancakes with numbers to ten to order and have a go at copying.


We're Going on a Bear Hunt -Michael Rosen.

Our next focus book was We're going on a Bear Hunt. The children made their own bears


We made some characters from the story and played with them in the small world area. Walking them through the "swishy, swashy long grass", we moved on to the "deep cold river, wading through with a "splash, splosh". Then we came to the "thick oozy mud" moving along with a "squelch squerch" until we came to the "big dark forest" in which our characters moved with a "stumble trip". Then it was the snowstorm. The " Hoooo,Wooo" sounded as the storm grew. When eventually we arrived at the big cave in which we found a BEAR!!!


It was great fun creating our own bears. We wrapped wool around cardboard bears to create their fur and used glue to make and stick fur also.

We made chocolate rice crispie bears. We had a really interesting discussion about how we could make them, starting with the idea that we put chocolate on the rice crispies, which we literally did showing the children that we couldn't just put chocolate in we had to make the chocolate melt before we put it on the rice crispies.

We gave our bears smarties for eyes and used chocolate hundreds and thousand to make the bears fur.

We created our own "Swishy, swashy" grass. We dropped green paint onto our paper using a pipette and then blew it with a straw to create long grass. 



We created our own "splash splosh" by blowing bubbles in the classroom.

Mrs Bamber made some really gooey "thick oozy mud" for us to "squelch squerch" our characters through.

We played with the "swirling whirling" snow.


This was super messy but super fun !!


The children had enjoyed our Bear Hunt focus so much that we invited parents, family members and friends of the children to come into school and watch them perform ' We're going on a Bear Hunt' - Michael Rosen.

 Many parents and family members joined us for this super performance.

Everybody really enjoyed this excellent performance and our families were also thrilled to receive a Thank You card and a small bunch of daffodils from their child as a way of thanking them for coming. We also had biscuits and cakes and juice which went down a treat too ! 



We enjoyed focusing on Easter at preschool. Mrs Bamber provided many activities related to Easter. The children really enjoyed this activity. We had lots of small plastic eggs, pom poms, plastic flowers,  spoons, an egg mould and some cornflour mixed with baby oil.


The children soon realised that the plastic eggs would open up and began to fill them and attempt to make eggs, using the same principal as making sand castles.

The filling of the eggs using spoons helps the children to develop an increasing control in holding and handling tools and equipment.


We also encouraged the children to try balancing an egg on a spoon.

They soon got the hang of it and were able to move around the classroom quite quickly !


We had eggs everywhere, the children designed some beautiful playdough Easter cakes and biscuits.


We had some fabulous ordering, counting and number writing numeracy activities, and also some matching of rhyming words in our literacy activities.



We had activities which helped the children to use two hands in co-ordination. Here the children had to open the egg, place a little chick inside and then fasten up the egg again. As you can imagine the children played many different ways with these eggs and chicks too, and lots of language skills and use of descriptive language was also used and heard alongside this activity.

This activity was recreated on a larger scale and proved to be very popular.

Lots of opportunities were given to decorate eggs.


Using a range of different resources and materials the children made these super Easter Wreaths which were lovely.


Mrs Bamber told the children the Easter Story and then to help the children remember she brought in a rocking horse which was to help remind the children of Jesus riding the donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

On our last day in school prior to the Easter Holidays we had an Easter egg hunt in our school garden. The children were divided into two groups so they all had a go at hiding and finding the plastic eggs in our garden.

As you can see the children really enjoyed this activity.

After our hunt we went into class were one of the children dressed up as the Easter Bunny and delivered real chocolate eggs to the children for their super efforts.



Wow we have been busy growing!

We began this topic by recapping the story of Jack and the beanstalk. The children made their own gardens using compost for soil, cress seeds to grow grass, lolly sticks to make garden fences blue pebbles for water. We took pictures of the children pretending to climb up a beanstalk and placed it next to a bean which they also planted in the garden. We designed and grew fantastic gardens.



We also made our own beanstalk pictures using natural resources that we collected from our school garden.



In class we did some food tasting. The children had a choice of various fruit and vegetables to taste and then they drew or wrote the name of the fruit or vegetable that they tasted and a smiley face or a sad face depending upon whether they liked or disliked the fruit / vegetable they tried.


The children also really enjoyed printing with paint and fruit and vegetables. The children even had a go at making faces which I'm sure you will agree are fantastic.




Our children have shown super understanding of how we plant seeds and then nurture them as they grow.

They are always ready to lend a hand when it comes to watering the flowers and plants.

As our seeds had grown quite big, we decided it was time to plant them into one of our schools gardening boxes. The children planted their own plants, making holes using gardening tools and then placing soil around them to secure them as they grew.



As we had worked so hard growing and planting we didn't want our crop to be eaten by the wild rabbits that live around our school or the wild birds which we often see by our school so we decided to make our own scarecrows, with the help of Mrs Buxton.


We made two scarecrows. One was for the school garden and the other was for the growing box.


 In fact our school office staff have become so attached to this scarecrow which they can see through their office window, that they have even given him a name !

Our children couldn't wait to show their parents, family members and friends at home-time.


In class we did an experiment to see whether we could change the colour of a white flowers petals.

 We placed the flowers into four different containers all with water but we added food colouring to three of the containers in the hope that we can change the colours of the leaves. At the moment we can see small changes but hopefully this will improve.

We've also made our own and copied patterns made with beans.

The children have enjoyed sorting beans using tweezers.

The children challenged themselves so much when recognising numbers and matching the correct amount of beans to numerals that we nearly ran out of stickers!


One activity that we all enjoyed was making smoothies. The children helped chop, prepare and mix the smoothies. We were really surprised and pleased at how many children made smoothies at home with family members. We discussed prior to making and the children told us what we would need and how to make.

The banana and strawberry smoothie was by far the most popular, with countless voices asking for some more please, the carrot and apple smoothie however was not to everyone's taste uurghhh!! tended to follow the first mouthful.



Towards the end of May, just prior to half-term we had been talking about cow's and how they provided milk for us to drink and also how this milk was used to make butter, yoghurts and ice-cream, etc. Mrs Bamber decided that as a special treat she would bring into class some ice-cream for the children.



 The children had a choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry and as you can see, they really enjoyed it !!!



 This gave the children in Pre-School an idea, they built this fabulous ice-cream shop so we made paper ice-creams to sell and this idea prompted us to have our next topic theme of... 


Sun, Sea and Safety.


Over half term Mrs Bamber made this super shell shop. The shop sells shells, beach toys, flip-flops, nets and drinks. The children have been shoppers and shop keepers and are thoroughly enjoying this role play area.




Some of the children in pre-school made their own shops. They drew cakes, cookies, ice creams and made drinks. Labels and prices were written by the children and placed on the goods.

No summer is complete without a paddling pool, so we decided to put one in the classroom. However at the moment it has been filled with sand BUT we have told the children that we will place one outdoors on a sunny day for them to paddle in.

We placed building blocks and other materials in the tuff spot so we could build castles/ sandcastles.

Outdoor castle building is always a favourite too.

In our shop we had put a packet of water balloons, the children had been really curious about them asking questions and asking if we could fill them. We decided to open them, fill them up and let the children experience them first hand.

As you can imagine the children LOVED it !!!


The children decorated their own fish and we placed wool attached to a stick to make a fishing rod, many of the children associated the beach with fishing and nets so this activity was based on this idea.

 Outdoors in our school garden Mrs Bamber has placed this amazing boat. We have put sand around the boat to make our own beach. The children love this addition to our garden area and have already been on many different adventures.

We made our own ice-lollies. We placed juice into the ice lolly holders and then put them into the freezer. The children were thrilled on returning the next day to discover that they had frozen and the juice had turned into an ice- lolly, just what we needed to keep rehydrated on a hot summer day.

As we have experienced some truly hot weather we decided to fill our paddling pool with some water. We placed the pool in the school garden which is mainly a shaded area and allowed the children to take off their shoes and socks and have a paddle.

We also opened up some bubbles and had a really lovely morning with our friends.

Our school wooded area has also been used many times during this current hot spell. We went in one afternoon and had a lovely time.

Balancing on benches.


Playing hide and seek.

and also hunting for mini beasts.

We keep really cool and had a lovely time playing and exploring.


A book we having been looking at is  'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'- Ronda and David Armitage.

We have made our own lighthouses using disposable cups, paper and battery operated candles.


 In class we also retold the story with the children as various characters.

Mrs Bamber has created this wonderful lighthouse.

In the book Mr and Mrs Grinling lived with their cat in a cottage on the cliffs and Mr Grinling is the lighthouse keeper. Everyday Mrs Grinling would prepare Mr Grinling's lunch, clip it to a wire and send it over to the lighthouse.

Everyday the seagulls would see the basket and eat Mr Grinling's lunch.

Leaving Mr Grinling with no lunch !


So Mr and Mrs Grinling came up with an idea. They decided to send their cat over with the food in the basket to scare the seagulls. However this didn't work as the cat felt seasick and to ill to scare away the seagulls.

 So Mrs Grinling had another plan. She decided to make mustard sandwiches, which the seagulls hated and from that day on, they left Mr Grinling's lunch alone.


 For our snack we made our own sandwiches but we left out the mustard!

We have also had lots of outdoor fun too.



Pre-School Sport's Day 26th June 2017.


We have been busy this week preparing and practising for our sport's day. We decided for safety and safeguarding reasons to hold our sport's day in our school playground, the main reason being that it is a safe, enclosed space.

Mrs Bamber bought a lovely selection of food for the children and their supporters, which the children sampled early on just to make sure it tasted nice.

We all brought in our packed lunches and because there was so many of us, we decided to have an indoor picnic at lunchtime in the classroom.

The weather was beautiful and we were so excited after lunch for the fun to begin. We waited eagerly for our parents, families and supporters to arrive and WOW!!! ,we were so pleased with the number of people who came to support this event. (Thank you).

We split the class into two groups, Team Bamber and Team McQuirk.

 We had placed different activities around the playground which we were going to access in our groups. We began with the children catching a ball. After this we had a go at balancing a rubber ring on our heads, some of the girls noticed that their bobbles helped to hold the ring in place.

 Many of the children held out their arms to help them balance. 

After this event Team Bamber focused on a different activity to Team McQuirk and then we swap over so both teams had a go each activity. The two activities were crawling through the tunnel and moving along the bench in a position chose by the children.


Team Bamber sitting beautifully waiting to go through the tunnel.



 The children really enjoyed these activities and moved in many different ways across the benches.

After this it was the bikes. In this activity the children rode a bike around the cones. We had two different bikes which the children could choose to ride. We had a larger tricycle and a smaller tricycle.


 The concentration and determination the children showed was amazing. We were really impressed with the amount of children who could ride the bikes without help.

After the activities were finished it was time for a snack!

The food was delicious. Thank you Mrs Bamber.

Our school Headteacher Mrs Kenny, came to award us our medals.



Mrs Bamber had even bought some prizes too, which the children could choose from.

 What a wonderful sport's day we had. 

Many thanks to everyone who attended  and also to our helpers, Gunita, Mrs Buxton and Mr Davidson.


Well, we have come to the end of the 2016-2017 school year. We have had a super year and will miss the eighteen children who will be moving into our Reception class more than you could imagine. We have watched them grow, make new friends, learn, achieve and develop into the amazing children they are. We would also like to thank the parents, carers and families of all our pre-school children who have offered us lots of support and encouragement throughout the year. It's been a really successful year and already our numbers for the next pre- school year are higher than we had expected. We hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday and a well deserved break. See you soon and take care

 Mrs Bamber and Miss McQuirk.