Banks St Stephens C of E Primary School


Welcome to Pre-School

Our beautiful pre-school classroom is a vibrant and happy environment  where the children thrive with a vast range of exciting activities and experiences with their enthusiastic and motivated team. 

We hope you will enjoy these photographs which show the super experiences and opportunities for learning that are going on daily in our amazing Pre-school. The children have settled in brilliantly and continually impress Mr Richardson and Miss Hodson with their unlimited abilities.

Forest School 

Recently in Nursery we have started an exciting new activity called Forest School. We go into the woods learning about the different creatures that live there. We have made paint using mud and even built our own dens. We also sing songs about what we can and can't touch when we're in the forest. 

Music and Theatre 


So far, we are loving our all singing, all dancing, musical topic. We have built our very own costume/dressing room, our own stage and are playing lots of instruments, including guitars. We have been learning some of our favourite songs and nursery rhymes. 

Cars and Transport

transport medium term plan.doc

Naughty Bus !!! We had fun reading and acting out the story of Naughty Bus, and we even made our own naughty buses! We have been learning all about different types of vehicles and transport. We made a mechanics garage, to fix our broken bikes and scooters, and have been making race tracks and vehicles using things like bricks. 

We tested which car, or bus would go the fastest down our ramp. We also tested this with different shapes. 

Under the Sea

We loved this topic !!! We learn't all about the creatures that live Under the Sea. We built not 1 but 2 submarines, dressed up like Mermaids, or Mermen, and even had frogspawn and tadpoles in our classroom.


 World Book Day !!!

Jungles and Wild Animals

Jungle MTP.doc

We have had loads of fun so far this topic. We've made our very own jungle, complete with wild, jungle animals. We've read 'Ten Sleepy Sloths' and even made our own sleepy sloths number line, to help with our counting. We've been on the hunt outside for wild jungle animals ,and had lots of fun !!! 

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow !!!




Space MTP.doc

We asked the children what they wanted to learn about for our next topic. We had suggestions like Aliens, planets and rockets and so our next topic was formed, SPACE. 

We have had so much fun this week, building our new space station, making planets and control panels and learning all about everything space. 


We had a huge surprise on Monday morning when we came into nursery, an ALIEN had been into our classroom, left slime everywhere and written us a letter. He has crashed near by and needs our help !!!

Our new investigation station- We are top detectives !!!

ALIENS LOVE UNDERPANTS, who knew !!! We didn't, did you? The children have been decorating lots of pairs of underpants for our Alien friends to take back home with them. 

As well as our exciting topics, we have lots and lots of fun with our musical instruments and especially our new grand piano. 


Castles, Knights, Princes and Princesses 

Nursery MTP Castles.doc

We had a chat about all the things we'd like to learn about and the children were full of wonderful ideas; with that our first topic of the new year was born. We started by building a huge castle!

 We worked hard to make our big, strong castle. We worked together to make the bricks, and the turrets.


We love dressing up as Princes, Princesses and Fairy tale characters. We have also been learning all about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, where Jack climbed a huge beanstalk and found a horrible Giant at the top who lived in a castle like ours. 




We have been very busy drawing, painting and building castles using lots of the toys in our classroom. We made HUGE towers/castles like the ones in our stories.

Our Shape Castles

We loved making shields and crowns this topic. We made them very colourful and sparkly. We took inspiration from one of our favourite shows 'Mike the Knight'.

 We talked about our favourite stories that we had looked at in Nursery this topic. We loved the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, or Jack and the MEANstalk. We also loved our princesses like Rapunzel and Cinderella. We drew pictures and retold our favourite stories. 

Welcome back and a Happy New Year from Mr Richardson and Miss Hodson! We are so happy to see the children again and look forward to another fun filled term ahead. 




 We have had a little more time with the children and following their interests we have decided to have a construction theme.

The children have really enjoyed our topic of construction and have constructed in many different ways using lots of tools and instruments.


Our very creative Preschool teacher Mrs Bamber, changed the environment many times during this topic and the children entered the classroom in excitement at what they would find each morning.


The children played alongside each other talking about what they were doing in the game, "Pretend that the digger broke down...", bringing a storyline into their play.

As you can see from all of these pictures new friendships are being built and the skills of communication and language are being developed. Sharing and turn taking are being learnt and the children are becoming aware of the wants and needs of others.



The children had plenty of opportunities to construct indoors and outdoors with many different materials. Natural wood, cardboard boxes, Duplo and Stickle bricks have all been used to build many different things.


Blocks have been used horizontally and vertically to build, and simple representations have been created.

The children made pictures of vehicles using different shapes for our classroom display.

A huge builders cone was brought into our classroom and was explored in many different ways. The children discovered that by lifting the cone into the air and speaking into it, their voices would sound different.

The children had a go at measuring and using tape measures. They spent a lot of time 'fixing' objects around the classroom and it was amazing to watch as they were often quite clearly copying an action they had seen someone else do whilst 'fixing' possibly around their own homes.












There were lots of outdoor activities too.









The Three Little Pigs.

We had a very short topic on The Three little pigs. This moved on well following the children's interests. We noticed how they loved to knock down their construction towers and so decided a topic of The Three Little pigs could incorporate this feature as the big bad wolf blew down the houses made of straw and sticks. 

 Mrs Bamber once again waved her magic wand and this was our role play area.


The children role played the story of The Three Little Pigs, using the props provided.

As you can see we had lots of fun counting, recognising and ordering numbers.

We used tweezers to pick up the pigs tails, we counted and put pegs onto pigs (showing numbers which we independently recognised) this again also helped the development our fine motor skills.

Mrs Wilson brought in 'Gilbert' the guitar and taught us a song about the three little pigs and we created lots of simple representations of pigs making masks and puppets.


The Three Billy Goats Gruff.


 The children loved playing and exploring these activities which were around the classroom during this topic. The children had lots of fun role playing the story of The Billy Goats Gruff. Taking on the role of either a goat or the troll. The children used the language that they had heard in the story, copying the words spoken by the troll and the 'trip, trap' of the goats hooves as they crossed the bridge.


 The children described the troll as being "ugly" as having "a green face" one boy said the troll "had girl hair". They said he had "big teeth" and was "not kind".

The children made trolls using stones, googly eyes and other materials. These trolls were really good and the children chatted to each other about what their troll looked like as they created.

The story spoons were a huge hit and encouraged the children to retell the story whilst they were playing.

A super display is now (October 2017) on the windows of Mrs Bamber's classroom. The children have all become The Billy Goats Gruff.

Following the children's interests we have moved on to a Gruffalo topic. We created a lovely Gruffalo cave for the children to retell the story and play in.  


 We have recently got a light box for the children to explore with. We have a woodland theme featuring logs, pine cones and small world woodland creatures to compliment our Gruffalo topic.


The children have listened to the story 'The Gruffalo' and 'The Gruffalo's Child"  written by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler ,in the classroom. Mrs Bamber has created a Gruffalo story basket which contains the books alongside some of the main characters in the stories , the Gruffalo, the Mouse, the Owl, the Snake and the Fox, which the children can independently access throughout the day. The children also watched animated versions of these classic stories on the interactive whiteboard in our classroom.

The children also drew pictures of the characters in the stories from pictures in the books and the soft toys characters we had in our Gruffalo story basket.




We made Gruffalo Crumble - yum yum !!



We painted pumpkins indoors and outdoors.

Some children challenged themselves by counting the pumpkins around the classroom.


Mrs Bamber also made us some Gruffalo play dough !



The Pop Project came into our school to talk to us about being healthy in our bodies our minds and in our souls. The gentlemen sang songs taught us new songs and dances.




 Autumn, Pumpkins, Hedgehogs













We have been learning all about the story of Rama and Sita.



Rangoli Patterns.



Bonfire Night / Fireworks.

We have been learning the story of Guy Fawkes. We took turns at acting out this story.







Firework biscuits.




We made sparkler biscuits using chocolate fingers, icing sugar and sprinkles.


Firework Pictures.



Outdoor Firework pictures.

Outdoors in the tuff tray, Mrs Bamber put out some shaving foam and paints for us to mix and create our own fireworks.



It was even fun when it was time to clean up!



Super fine motor skill development using the tweezers to pick up pom poms.

We had lots of imaginative small world role play on our bonfire scene.

The children even used this beautiful piece of material to pretend to be fireworks in the playground.


One Snowy Night. - Nick Butterworth.

Look at Percey the park-keepers house.


The children enjoyed retelling the story using all of the little animals.

The children had opportunities to recognise numbers and count out the correct amount of stones.

They also made their own snowmen using  differing cut out parts of a snowman.


We had a winter castle and super sparkly playdough.

The classroom has taken on a wintery theme.


We made some super snowmen pictures.




We even made our own snow !!!




The world went white.


Mrs Bamber made a super cosy winter reading area, which we have really enjoyed reading winter books in.

Look at this super idea.

We have been challenged to construct sugar cube igloos.

We had so much fun trying to rescue the arctic animals from the ice.

Our playdough area has also taken on a snow and ice theme.



Just look how our amazing children made igloos!!!!

It took a steady hand and lots of persistence.







The children saw how the ice began to melt during the morning, we had lots of discussions about what happened when it melted and what made the ice melt. This helped us learn how the arctic animals became free from the ice.

At the end of the morning we put the rest of the ice outdoors and had fun playing outside with ice too.

We took our polar bear numbers outside and challenged the children to write and say which numbers they had written.

Our water tray was filled with snow and we had lots of fun !!