Banks St Stephens C of E Primary School


Welcome to Pre-School

Our beautiful pre-school classroom is a vibrant and happy environment  where the children thrive with a vast range of exciting activities and experiences with their enthusiastic and motivated team. 

We hope you will enjoy these photographs which show the super experiences and opportunities for learning that are going on daily in our amazing Pre-school. The children have settled in brilliantly and continually impress Mrs Moore and Miss Hodson with their unlimited abilities.

Below you will find our topic letters for each term, please read to find out what we will be learning in Pre-School.

Pre School Autumn Term topic letter 2018.pdf

Pre-School MTP Autumn 1 (1).pdf

Half Term 2- Week 5

This week we are definitely in Christmas mode. We have been practising our Nativity on the big stage almost every day and are all doing so well in it! We have been matching and naming shapes again, focusing on squares, rectangles/oblongs, circles and triangles. We are still interested in the seasons, particularly as we have entered winter, and have explored pictures of the different seasons. We have painted our Christmas salt-dough decorations, made our Christmas cards, drawn pictures of Santa and have been taking it in turns to open the class advent calendar. We ended the week decorating our own Nativity scenes. 

Half Term 2- Week 4

Stick Man! This week we read the story of Stick Man. We used puppets to retell the story and went on a Stick Man hunt, drawing the characters as we found them in the garden. On Tuesday we had an Art Enrichment Day and did lots of Christmas crafts and Stick Man crafts- some of us made our own Stick Man! We have begun to make Christmas crafts and this week we made salt dough decorations. We have also been practising our Nativity everyday this week and know our lines and songs so well! Lots of us are enjoying our new stage area in class- performing songs to our friends and teachers. 

Half Term 2- Week 3

This week we have continued our weather investigations by investigating ice !!! What is ice ? How does it freeze ? How do we melt ice ? We had lots of weather and scientific vocabulary used in our investigation ! As we begin to practise for our school performance, we read the first Christmas story, and look forward to exploring this in more depth nearer Christmas. We were introduced to Smartie the Penguin this week, who is helping us to understand how to stay safe when using technology. We learn't the rhyme:

Before you tap and click, 

You need to stop, and think,

and tell someone ! 

As part of RE this week, we explored how much we have changed since we were babies, by looking at baby pictures of ourselves and exploring how people take care of babies.


Half Term 2- Week 2

This week we had a mini focus on creative construction. In order to fuel our interest and creative ideas, we played with a variety of construction toys and resources to make imaginative creations. We read 'A Squash and a Squeeze,' to think about houses and investigated shapes within houses. We explored the number 1 in Maths this week. We have continued with our weather and seasons exploration, this week watching the weather forecast and playing at presenting our own weather forecast. Our woodland activity this week was mixing mud paint and painting the trees with it. We enjoyed jumping in the huge leaf piles and warmed up later with hot chocolate and marshmallows. 

Half Term 2- Week 1 

This week we had a bonfire night and fireworks focus. We explored bonfire stories and made edible sparklers. We decorated firework pictures using paints and chalk and created our own 3D fireworks too. We created fireworks pictures on purple mash and in our small world area and garden area we created pretend bonfires! This weekend is an important celebration: Remembrance Sunday. We learn't that poppies are an important way to think about all the men and women who take care of our country, and we collaged poppies to help us celebrate. 

Week 8

Our Room on the Broom week! We have been so engaged with the story and have explored it in depth. ​We have pretended to be characters from the story, ordered the characters in order of appearance on a broom, drawn our favourite characters, sequenced the story, decorated brooms and hats, and made spooky spider cakes. We have enjoyed exploring pumpkins in class, our witches and wizards small world and our stinky witches gloop. We have also made witches potions, using a variety of ingredients mixed together to see how their properties changed. We ended the week with a viewing of the Room on the Broom animation and some witchy snacks! This has been a busy and exciting half-term in Pre-School. All the children have settled well and we can already see great progress. We look forward to next half term and all things Christmas !!!

Stay and Play

This week we had our Stay and Play, with lots of Fine Motor activities for us to enjoy with our Mummies, Daddies, Grandma's, Grandad's and loved ones. 

 Week 7

This week we have explored trains, reading the story 'The Train Ride. We made an outdoor train on the benches, played imaginatively with the wooden train tracks, and created our own trains by attaching our names and ages as the carriages. In Maths we have explored the words 'more', 'less' and 'the same.' We followed pictional instructions this week to make jam sandwiches- they were delicious! We also made road tracks on the playground and rode our bikes around them. In the woodland we made leaf crowns and hunted under logs for hibernating mini beasts. We have explored writing shopping lists this week, and as part of our continued Harvest celebrations, we printed fruits for display. What a busy week!

Week 6

This week we have continued to explore the transport theme, reading the class story Duck in the Truck. We used ducks as our maths focus, singing 5 little ducks and practising counting to 5 and drawing ducks to represent our counting, We sorted vehicles in to land, sea and sky categories and listened to lots of vehicle sounds. We created tyre tracks out of paint and decorated our own hot air balloons. In celebrating Harvest we tasted a variety of fruits to explore foods. 

Monday was our Music Enrichment Day and we joined the rest of the school in exploring music and musical instruments.

Week 5

This week we started to explore our new theme: Transport. We are reading Mr Gumpy's Motor car and using car activities to encourage our mark making and mathematical skills. We are focusing lots on recognising numerals 0-10, and have been matching car numbers on the carpark mat. We have built a car garage in our outdoor area to encourage our imaginative play, and have been creating cars from junk modelling and collaging cars in our creative area. In RE, we are thinking about Harvest Time by reading The Little Red Hen and thinking about our favourite foods. 

Week 4

This week our class story has been 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?' We thought about the different homes the animals in the story might have. We found out more about different types of bears, and created our own Bears using split pins! In maths we thought about positional language with Fred Bear and his box. Our science explorations saw us making jelly- examining the different states of jelly and eating it once it was set.- YUM! We took part in the NSPCC fundraising by completing an obstacle course with Reception- we did so well!

 Week 3

This week we have been exploring the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt.' We explored sensory trays for each part of the story, to immerse ourselves in it! We took part in lots of Bear Hunt activities, including making a bear cave, painting bear paw prints, retelling the story through actions, making bear hunt story maps and learning about real black bears. 

We visited the woodland this week to learn our woodland rules and to think about how bears might move through the woodland. Lots of children were showing interest in playing with coins last week, so this week we had a 'Pre-School shop' in class and enjoyed playing at shopping and being the shopkeeper. 

Week 2

This week we met our class puppets 'Sarah and Sam'. Sarah and Sam have been showing us some Personal, Social and Emotional skills including: using kind hands, sharing, and how to walk safely and not run in the classroom! We read the Rainbow Fish and worked together to decorate a huge rainbow fish. We also began to think about families and who we have in our family. We are still enjoying reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears and this week we decorated some bear cupcakes! YUMMY!





 Our first week in Pre-School!

This week we have been getting to know our new teachers and learning the rules and routines of our class. We have been exploring all the fun to be had indoors and outdoors and have read 'Goldilocks and The Three Bears' to start off our Bear topic.