Banks St Stephens C of E Primary School


Welcome to Mrs Melling's


Reception class is a wonderful contrast, a bright and colourful learning environment with stimulating and vibrant areas of learning. The Children enjoy discovering new concepts and ideas in their exciting surroundings.  

Our planning is started with the children using floor books and sharing ideas based on the children's interests. We record the main intended learning objectives in our medium term plans for each topic or theme. Click on the links under each topic heading to see how we link the children's ideas to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

We have two fabulous teaching assistants in our class; Mrs Fitch and Mrs Buxton. 

Autumn Term Curriculum Letter 2018.docx

 Curriculum Letter Spring 19.doc


Around the World

Around the World Medium Term Planning (2).doc






Merry Christmas Everyone! 

And what a wonderful time we had:






Bonfire Night

We heard the story of The Gunpowder Plot and where Bonfire Night originated from. We then looked at traditions both worldwide and within our families and talked of our own experiences. We gathered all the materials to make a pretend bonfire in our garden and in our Imaginative Area inside too! We learnt about food traditionally associated with Bonfire Night such as treacle toffee, parkin cake and toffee apples, we especially enjoyed trying and making them! We finished our mini topic off by inviting our parents in for a real bonfire to toast marshmallows and sing camp fire songs.











Tyre Fun! 

We have been developing our gross motor skills with tyres, we've been rolling them around the playground and they also made comfy seats! 




Traditional Tales

Traditional Tales medium term plan.doc

We have started to extend our vocabulary through story, the children wanted to learn about were princesses, wolves, dragons and knights and what better way to do this than to go back to our classic fairy tales? We started with Little Red Riding Hood, a classic tale, we listened to many different versions of the story, compared them with one another and learnt to describe the characters in the story. 



We then read Goldilocks and The Three Bears, we really enjoyed the repetitive language of this story. We focused on retelling the story order in order using pictures and story language. We also looked at size order and new vocabulary.



Then, something magical happened on Monday, when we came back from Celebration Assembly we were greeted by a trail of silver glitter all the way to our classroom, right in the middle of a pile of glitter was a wonderful glass slipper. We had a guess where it might have come from and led to the story of Cinderella. We started doing some writing about the story, had lots of fun with pumpkins and then made our own carriage to take us to the ball. 







All About Me!

All About Me MTP.doc

 We started our first topic this week where we could get to know each other, celebrating our similarities and differences and talking about our likes and dislikes. We introduced our families to the rest of the class bringing in photos and drawing family portraits, we talked about all families being different. We also made our Imaginative Area into a doctors surgery with Mrs Fitch. 








Our First Week At School

We have had a lovely week settling in, making new friends and exploring our new classroom! 











Reception Class of 2018