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Reception class is a wonderful contrast, a bright and colourful learning environment with stimulating and vibrant areas of learning. The Children enjoy discovering new concepts and ideas in their exciting surroundings.  

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Our planning is started with the children using floor books and sharing ideas based on the children's interests. We record the main intended learning objectives in our medium term plans for each topic or theme. Click on the links under each topic heading to see how we link the children's ideas to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

We have two fabulous teaching assistants in our class; Mrs Walmsley and Mrs Buxton. 



Around the World

Around the World Medium Term Planning.doc

Charlie went on an amazing trip over the Easter holidays and sent us a postcard all the way from Australia to say that he'd seen a real shark! The children were infatuated and desperate to find out more - and so our new topic begins...















We came into school to some shocking news, overnight something had been left in the garden and Mr Dodd and Miss Squibb had found it! We cordoned it off and rang our local museum quickly. The museum asked if the children could help - they needed pictures, diagrams and descriptions of what we had found, where we had found it and what it looked like! 

Once we had reported our findings to the museum we did some more investigating around dinosaurs, we found letters in the swamp, we marked out the size of a real dinosaur using a trundle wheel on the playground, then we did some problem solving of our own building our own dinosaurs from boxes and measuring using hands and meter sticks. 



Easter Fun

We learnt about the real message of Easter by reading The Easter Story and then its links with new life as Jesus rose again. We also had an Easter egg hunt, Easter crafts, bonnet competition and the FOSS Easter egg competition too. We had a wonderful time. 




Forest Schools

We enjoyed a series of workshops on outdoor learning in the forest including bug hut making, mud painting, den building and lots of other exciting activities. 








Busy Bodies

We learnt all about how to keep healthy, what is inside our bodies and how our bodies work. We even enjoyed making, eating and writing recipes for a healthy fruit salad. 




World Book Day 2018

We had a wonderful day filled with stories, various types of books, storytelling and reading with the older children. We <3 Books!




Let It Snow!! 

 We arrived at school and it was snowing! We had lots of fun, discussed how snow is formed and how it melts with the heat of our hands. 





Pirates Medium Term Plan.doc

During our 'Under the Sea' topic the children began making themselves pirate hats and asked to make a pirate ship to play in, and so of course, we made it happen and our next topic was formed! 

We started by transforming our classroom into a Pirates Haven! The children told us what we needed, a cannon, pirate ship, treasure and an island so we began our mission!

We wrote letters to naughty Captain Patch who took our treasure and had to solve lots of maths problems in order to get it back - but we did it and got a chest FULL of shiny treasure!







I'm Not a Panda-Cow!

We had a visit from a local author called Mark Sanders who writes children's books about his gorgeous dog Monty. Monty came along with him to meet us whilst Mark read us the story, the children got to ask lots of questions about being an author and also about Monty himself. What a wonderful day!



Under the Sea

Under the Sea Medium Term Plan.doc

We have lots of children who are interested in the sea, the creatures who live there and mythical creatures such as mermaids. The children and I put together a fabulous under the sea area and made hand-print fish and other lovely creatures to add to it. We started to learn about sea creatures and the children's interests grew and grew! We spent lots of time looking through the topic books and researching on the computer to find out more,  we wrote non-fiction information sheets which we eventually made into a class book all about sea creatures. We also worked on our counting skills, matching digits to amounts then moved on to addition using sea creature counters. What a productive and interesting topic! 







It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It's Christmas time and we are ready for the excitement that the season brings! First of all we needed to make our classroom Christmassy, Miss Squibb gave us a 7ft Christmas tree, some steps and a huge box of decorations. We had a great time decorating our tree and making our own decorations to put up too!  

We were extremely lucky to get some gorgeous guinea pigs from donated by St Philip and St Luke's Primary School in Blackburn. The children throughout the school have loved looking after them and giving them lots of cuddles. 




I Am Unique...

I am Unique Medium Term Plan.doc

(Autumn 2)

We read the book 'It's Okay to be Different' by Todd Parr. It was about all sorts of different people and taught us that it doesn't matter how similar or different people are from us, it's okay. 

We have a really diverse class this year and we have learnt more about each other, our classmates and other people we might meet. We wanted to promote understanding and empathy for others and our kind, caring class did just that. We started by looking at ourselves and how we are different and then how sometimes we can be different in our bodies and the ways they work.

One of our classmates is blind so we wanted to learn more how he explores the world and how we can help him at school. We invited a lovely lady called Dawn from The Guide Dogs for the Blind to explain more. Dawn is blind and is assisted by a gorgeous guide dog called Helena, she brought us some glasses to try on to give us an idea of what it is like to be visually impaired and then some blindfolds and some guide dog ears for us to see what it was like to be blind and led by a guide dog. We really enjoyed the activity but found it was quite scary when you couldn't see what was in front of you. It made us see how our friend may feel in unusual situations and how we could help him at school. 

Next, we went on a trip to the Guide Dog Training Centre in Atherton to learn more and watch the dogs in training; we had the most wonderful day! We watched them during training, met some really clever dogs and their trainers and saw where they go to play and sleep too. We followed one of the courses they do with a blindfold on and then learnt about how blind people are assisted to cross roads, from the spinner underneath the crossing buttons to the bumps on the pavement around a road.

We met a lovely guide dog called Queenie who stayed with us throughout our tour and let us fuss over her all day. Miss Squibb treated us to a class guide dog teddy to take back with us and we named her after Queenie. We are going to take Queenie on lots of adventures with us in the future. 

The volunteers told us it costs £53,000 to train a guide dog so we decided we would try and raise money towards training one.  We came up with lots of fantastic ideas and finally decided on a cake sale and a penny mile. We had a fantastic time and raised £106.38!!! We had such incredible support from our wonderful parents and grandparents. 



Next,we learnt about a condition called Cerebral Palsy. We learnt about how our bodies work and how bodies are effected by cerebral palsy and the difficulties children can face to move about as easily as others. We learnt of an inspirational little boy called Jack who has cerebral palsy and how he tried so hard to strengthen his muscles he was able to play football for his local team and scored lots of goals.

In our Maths we looked at our eye colour using a mirror and coloured an eye to match. We then collected them in and had a guess which we thought would be most common. We put them into a simple bar chart on the board to compare them and found that blue was the most popular eye colour. 

We also learnt about children who were less fortunate than us too. We took part in the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal and made up two boxes to send to a poor country where the children might not get any presents for Christmas. 

At the end of our topic we revisited the book 'It's Okay to be Different' and made our own version and created a class book. We displayed it in our Reading Corner for everybody to enjoy. 




Music Enrichment Day 

(Autumn 1)

We had a whole school music enrichment day where we planned and rehearsed performances to each other and then our parents. The day was excellent and everybody really enjoyed it. In class we also got out some really exciting instruments to explore; a saxophone, flute, clarinet, guitar and many more. We watched as the children improved throughout the day and experimented with the sounds they made. What a wonderful day! 







The Great Outdoors

(Autumn 1)

The Great Outdoors Medium Term Plan.doc

After a lovely whole class discussion we decided we'd like to learn about: "fairies",  "outside", "camping in tents", "flowers", "trees and stuff", "conkers!" and "Animals", and our next topic was born... The Great Outdoors! We transformed our classroom into an outdoors style wonderland and had a great time thinking of ideas, making things and showing Miss Squibb where to put things until it was just right! We think the end result was fabulous!


We have loved learning using many natural materials,  Have studied lots of stories lots of wonderful stories this term including Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have talked about story language and structure, identified and described characters and retold the story in lots of different ways. We also learnt to compare size and length and all about capacity. What a busy few weeks!




Finally, we invited our parents in to join us for an afternoon outdoors. This included nature trails, arty tasks followed by songs around the campfire and toasting marshmallows. 







Splish Splash Splosh!

(Autumn !)

The weather took a turn for the worse. It was windy and very, very rainy. The playground flooded and the rest of the school had 'wet playtime' that day. Not us though, we got suited and booted and went jumping in it! 





Pets and Vets

Pets & Vets Medium Term Plan.doc

What a great start to the new school year with a lovely new class of children! They have settled in quickly and we are slowly introducing our new rules and routines. We have also enjoyed our first topic of 'Pets and Vets' based on our interests during our induction visits and home visits. We have made a super vets and 'saved' lots of animals in our surgery. To bring our topic to life we were able to get lots of real animals into school over  the course of our topic, including Emmy's pet rabbit Timmy, Three of Lillianna's puppies and a visit from the local farm - we were very lucky to meet so many lovely animals! We had LOTS of fun!