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Year 1

Welcome to Year One


Welcome to Year 1! Please find attached an online copy of our medium term plans and topic letters. Please scroll down to find out what we have been up to!

 Year 1 Autumn Term Topic Letter.docx

Year 1 Autumn Medium Term Plan.doc

Year 1 Spring Medium Term Plan.doc

 Year 1 Spring Term Topic Letter.docx

Year 1 Summer Medium Term Plan.doc

 Year 1 Summer Term Topic Letter.docx


We ran a mile! - 18.05.2018

All of the children and staff at St Stephen's completed the 'your mile, your way' today at school. Lots of schools in Lancashire took part in this mile run, with the aim of clocking up 24,860 miles (the distance around the circumference of the earth)! We all had a great time and Miss Sykes was so proud of how we all tried our best! Next stop - sports day! :-)





Easter - March 2018

Wow look at our amazing Easter bonnets and decorated Easter eggs! The children in Year 1 are so talented! Happy Easter everyone! :-)

Hot Cross Buns - 23.03.2018

We've been learning about the Easter story during our RE lessons. We went into the hall to act out the events and then retold the story in words. Our writing was incredible! :-) After that, we discussed how Christians may celebrate Easter. We made hot cross buns and thought about what the cross on the top represents. 





Time - March 2018

We've been learning how to tell the time! Look at the clocks that we made :-)



World Book Day! - 01.03.2018

We had a super day celebrating World Book Day in Year 1! We all came to school dressed as characters from our favourite books and we enjoyed completing a book quiz with the children from Year 2. However, we returned to our classroom to find that all of our crayons had disappeared. They had even left us a book called 'The Day the Crayons Quit' (written by Oliver Jeffers). We decided to each write a letter to the crayons to persuade them to come back. Our writing must have been fantastic because they returned after lunch and just in time for us to decorate some bookmarks! We were also very lucky to have the children from Year 5 come and visit our classroom and read some stories to us. Thank you Year 5, we had lots of fun! :-)











Recounts! - March 2018

Wow it looks like our crayons have been up to mischief! They left us lots of recounts to explain what they had been getting up to around school over the weekend. We had to find the answers to the key questions - who, what, where, when and why.



Snow! Snow! Snow! - 27.02.2018

Wow what a wonderful time we had in the snow! We made snow angels, tried to make snowmen and also had a go at sledging! All before half 9 in the morning!



Purple Mash - 27.02.2018

We've been thinking about programming during our computing sessions this term. Today we completed lots of programming challenges on Purple Mash.

Traditional Rhymes - 27.02.2018

Year 1 have been learning all about traditional rhymes. We performed the rhyme 'Mary, Mary' and then innovated it when writing our own. Our writing was inspired by a visit to the pre-school garden. 






Making fruit salads - January 2018

During our DT lessons, we have been designing and making our own fruit salads. They were delicious! :-)






Plants! - January 2018

Year 1 have been learning all about plants. We completed an experiment with celery and food colouring to find out about a plant's stem. We also planted our own seeds for our topic display.


A visit from Mark Sanders - 17.01.2018

Year 1 were very lucky today to have a visit from Mark Sanders, the author of 'Pandacow'. Mark read the book to us and we even got to meet the star of the story - his dog Monty! We had a lovely morning. 




Paddington Sandwiches! - January 2018

Year 1 have been learning about instruction texts during our English lessons. We started the topic by following the instructions to make Paddington sandwiches. We followed the steps carefully and loved eating the marmalade sandwiches! We can't wait to write our own instructions next week, based around our topic work of plants.






Weight - January 2018

During our maths lessons this week, we have been learning about weight. We measured the mass of different classroom objects and then received a problem from Robbie (the reasoning robot!). He told us that the more segments an orange has, the heavier it is. We worked in groups to test Robbie's theory. 






Forest Schools

 During the first week of Forest Schools, Year 1 learnt the Forest School rules of always looking carefully in the wooded area and listening out for our teacher Rachel and to the other sounds that we may hear in the woods. We found out about the dangers of running and learnt how to find and care for the wildlife in our outdoor area. Rachel told us it was okay to get our hands dirty and she showed us where the water and towel were should this happen. We knew that we should not go out of the fenced area without our teachers. Rachel also told us what we should do when we light a fire. 


































Festive Fun! - 18.12.2017

We've been so busy over the past few weeks with our Nativity preparations and performances and carol concerts too. As part of our festivities and to celebrate all of our achievements this term, we had a Christmas party with Reception and Year 2. We all enjoyed dancing the afternoon away and eating lots of delicious party food! We even had a very special visitor - Father Christmas came to say hello! What a super afternoon! Merry Christmas everybody! :-) 







Capacity - December 2017

Year 1 have been learning all about capacity this week. We measured in non-standard units first and then practised measuring in ml. We used what we had learnt to help us measure out ingredients to make some Christmas mocktails. We followed the instructions carefully and our mocktails were delicious!










Fractions - 21.11.2017

We've been learning all about fractions in our maths lessons. We found halves and quarters of playdough, shapes and capacities. We then moved on to finding half and quarter of a quantity, using paper plates to help us.







Anti-Bullying Week - November 2017

During anti-bullying week, we read the book 'We're all Wonders' by R. J Palacio. This sparked a discussion about random acts of kindness. We decided to do some random acts of kindness ourselves, by writing a card for each class and giving a cake to each adult in school.




Houses from the Fire of London - 13.11.2017

During our history lesson today, we created models of the houses in 1666 (the year of the Fire of London). We used cardboard boxes, paper and straw for the roofs. We can't wait to make our display of Pudding Lane.





Our Autumn Walk - 09.11.2017

In science this half term, Year 1 are going to be learning all about seasonal changes. Today we went on an Autumn walk around our school grounds to identify signs of the season. We found conkers, conker husks, leaves (red, orange and yellow), acorns and seeds.






Sequences - 06.11.2017

Wow! Have a look at all of the sequences that we created using our maths resources!








The Pop Project - 26.10.2017

We were very lucky to have a visit from the Pop Project today. The gentlemen taught us about having healthy bodies, minds and spirits. We enjoyed singing and dancing to lots of new songs.


Music Enrichment Day - 12.10.2017

We had lots of fun on our whole school music enrichment day. We performed 'Let it Go' to an audience of parents and enjoyed playing a variety of musical instruments. We also made our own musical instruments using materials that we had collected.


Shapes - October 2017

We've had a busy week learning all about 2D shapes in Year 1. We became chefs for the day and created some shape pizzas and then became detectives whilst we went on a shape hunt around school. We also enjoyed making shapes using art straws and marshmallows. Some of us realised that we didn't need to cut the straws and could instead create huge shapes!




Measuring - September 2017

We've been doing lots of measuring in Year 1 this week! We began by measuring using non-standard units. We enjoyed trying to make the tallest and smallest robots possible. We then moved on to using a ruler. We completed a treasure hunt around the classroom, which involved us measuring and recording the length of different lines. 



Our work on 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers - September 2017

Year 1 have been reading the book 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. We created a class story map and thought about actions to help us to learn the story off by heart, which we performed to the children in our pre-school. We even received letter from the boy who asked us to help him to pack his suitcase for his journey to Antarctica! 



A visit from the farm - 21.09.2017

Today we had a visit from Allday's Farm! As part of our science topic, we were able to see pigs, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, tortoises and many other animals too! We looked at grouping the animals and learnt all about what they eat. We all had lots of questions to ask during the assembly. What a fantastic day we had!

Our first few weeks in Year 1!

Wow what a brilliant start to a new school year! We've been busy settling in to our new classroom and have been impressing Miss Sykes and Miss McQuirk by challenging ourselves every day.