Banks St Stephens C of E Primary School

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


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February 2018 - Gas Masks!

This week the children had a go at designing and making their own gas masks. 



January 2018 - Code Breakers!

As part of our topic Great Britain, we had a look at Morse Code and how it was used in World War 2. The children had a go at deciphering some Morse Code using the 'dits' and the 'dahs' and then they designed their own Morse Code machine using their knowledge of electrical circuits. We then had a go at sending messages to each other.


War Poetry

For the first 2 weeks back the children have been focusing on War Poetry in English. We found and analysed the figurative language in the Siegfried Sassoon poem 'How to Die' using the mnemonic SHAMPOO (Symbolism, Hyperbole, Alliteration, Metaphor and Simile, Personification, Onomatopoeia and Oxymoron). Then we planned our own emotive war poems. 

Happy New Year!

The children are really excited to start their new topic 'Great Britain' next week. It is all about World War 2 and the impact it had on Britain. We have got lots of exciting things planned and I am really looking forward to teaching this topic. Please find more details in the Spring term plans and topic letter above and check back soon to see what we have been doing in Year 6. 

December 2017 - Exercise Investigation

As part of our Science work, the children planned and carried out an investigation into the effects of exercise. We looked at different kinds of exercise - muscle strengthening and bone strengthening - and then they predicted which exercise would cause our heart rates to increase the most. The children then designed their own investigation to test whether their prediction was correct.



We are now into our second half term - the weeks are flying by! Last half term the children worked incredibly hard. We finished off our science topic about Evolution and Inheritance and we are now moving on to learning about The Circulatory System. In Geography we are carrying on looking at 'extreme' environments and at the moment we are focusing on the Amazon rainforest. Last half term the children enjoyed gymnastics delivered by a specialist sports coach from West Lancashire Sports Partnership. They had a go at all sorts of balances and in groups created a routine to show to the rest of the class. 


September 2017 - First Week in Year 6

We have had a great first week back and the children have really settled into their new class. We have begun our topic 'Survival' and all week the children have been playing a Desert Island Survival game. To begin with the children chose 5 items they would take with them on the island - we had lots of great ideas including a torch, a water container and a medical kit. The children gained or lost points depending on what challenge card they selected and they had to develop a strategy with the ultimate goal of trying to escape the island. It was great fun and really got everybody thinking,  I am happy to report that everybody managed to escape!

We also started our science topic about Evolution and Inheritance and found out about adaptive traits. Camouflage is a very important adaptive trait and the following day the children made some camouflage art. Can you spot the hidden creatures in the pictures?