Banks St Stephens C of E Primary School

Food & Drink




Meals are prepared at school offering a choice of menus determined by Lancashire County Council. Alternatively, children may bring a healthy packed lunch, preferably in one small container. Children are encouraged to bring sandwiches, rolls, wraps, pitta bread, crisps, fruit and yogurt. Children may also bring salads including rice or pasta in small containers or crackers and cheese. Chocolate, sweets and high sugar snacks are not allowed.

Drinks (milk and water) are provided with school dinners and water is also available for packed lunch children.

Teachers are generally off-duty at dinnertime but the Headteacher (or their representative) is always on site supervising the lunch hour. Children are also supervised throughout dinnertime by our welfare assistants both in the hall and on the playground or school field.

All children eat in the hall where they are encouraged to be polite and to display good table manners.

Payment for school dinners should be made weekly, or monthly, in advance, on Monday mornings via ParentPay (please ask at the school office for login details).

All pupils in Key Stage One are entitled to a free school meal. Your child may also be eligible for free school meals beyond this stage and other educational welfare benefits. Please contact the school office for further information.


For a nominal annual amount, refrigerated milk is available mid-morning for KS1 children. This has to be ordered through Cool Milk. Further details are available from the school office. Alternatively, pupils may bring water from home in a plastic container (no glass bottles are allowed in school). Water bottles can be topped up from our water cooler throughout the day.


All children are strongly encouraged to bring healthy snacks for break times only but are not permitted to bring chocolate, crisps or sweets to eat on the playground during breaks. Please clearly label any snacks to avoid any confusion. Toast is available to children in KS2 for a nominal fee. In addition children in KS1 receive a piece of fruit each day as part of our commitment to being a healthy school.